Saturday, 3 May 2014

How To Wear The Sportswear Trend

Living in Sydney is the perfect place to rock this season’s sporty chic looks. Surrounded by women in sportswear 24/7 inspires me to style their gym threads into a more preened version of this tomboy trend. I was lucky enough to work with my sydney friend and fellow blogger Alisha Thornley ( last weekend on this shoot and started our day with the best brunch spot in Bondi, Panama House. South American breakfast dishes that were to die for! Plus, the rain was pelting down pretty hard so we had to shelter before fitting in this quick shoot. It felt great being back in front of the camera and having a second eye for fashion to help with this sportswear post on South Bondi beach. Here’s to hoping this rain clears up for next time!

There are a few pointers to keep in mind when trying out this trend for the first time.
  1. Don’t sport it up too much: You don’t want to wear too many sporty inspired pieces all in one look as that will just give the impression you are heading for your daily workout! I would suggest wearing two pieces at any given time. Make it appropriate for your day.
  2. Consider vintage: What goes around comes around. The 80’s was a huge decade for sportswear so try looking in retro or charity shops to pick up authentic oversized branded tees. I picked up a new tee in the teenage boys section in the sale last week. You just have to think outside the box.
  3. Accessorize. If you’re not quite into rocking a more tomboy look then invest in a chunky sports watch or leather baseball cap. Styling it with denim looks great.
  4. Keep hair and make-up to a minimum. I love doing red lips and cat eyes. but it really doesn’t look great with this look. Add some peach or baby pink blush but keep lips neutral. Maybe just wear lip balm and don’t over style your hair. The key to this look is minimalism.
  5. Contrast.If you are wearing an oversized tee, wear fitted jeans or shorts. You don’t want to look like you’ve thrown on any old baggy clothes to paint the house! Make it sexy and balance out the fit. 

I really hope this trend stays around for the next few months as it’s comfortable, affordable and effortless. Plus, I think it’s perfect for the summer festivals back in the UK and makes a change to the bohemian theme. I personally think a retro Adidas tee with Levi denim shorts and waved hair would look awesome. Especially cutting off the sleeves and customizing the look to make it more individual.

Nike Tee: Rebel Sportswear
Skirt: Alice In The Eve, General Pants Store
Leather Jacket: H&M

Helen-Jayne x


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