Saturday, 1 July 2017


As I’ve mentioned before, I own quite a small wardrobe. Since moving house back in January, I have been on a pursuit to owning less ‘things’. Because lets be honest, do you even wear half of the clothes you own? And I am sure you still have dresses with tags on. Am I right? I have this conversation with colleagues on a regular basis. One of my friends at work claims to owning around 100 pairs of shoes. And when I ask if she wears them, the answer is ‘saving them for an occasion’. How many occasions can one have who works full time and works long hours?

Even as a blogger I can now say after six solid months of downsizing, my wardrobe is smaller than all the girls at my job. It’s starting to feel good knowing I get good wear from my denim, and that one winter coat is definitely doing the rounds (in case you wonder, it’s the Karen Millen one from this post). So which pieces survived the cull?

1.Denim jeans
I own around ten pairs of good jeans. The majority are GRLFRND Denim which I always buy from Revolve. I know the fit is good and they are always flattering.

2. Good quality tees
Winter or summer, these become a staple all year round. I will layer under knits this time of year and come summer they are easy to throw on with a cute skirt or denim shorts.

3. Leather Shoes
I have recently had a cull of all shoes that are just not comfortable, which means non leather ones made a trip to the markets! I commute to work, so shoes that treat me well are the only option. 

4. Plain, striped and patterned blouses
I LOVE a good blouse. Even on days where I can’t be bothered along too much of an effort, the trusty button up will always dress up that look. Today’s style is L’Academie from Revolve. The silky feel adds a luxe touch to the look.

I’d love to hear how you guys are organising your wardrobe, and if you have any tips for fellow readers that may have a harder time letting go of certain pieces. Comment below!

Shop the edit:

Statement Earrings: Kookai, more of a selection here

Photo credit to Lily from The Demeler, shot on location at 1 Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge.


  1. I really love those pumps! As I said on Insta, I keep trying to cull my own wardrobe. Good on you for culling your wardrobe down. I saw you had a sale the other weekend, how did it go?
    I do have a heap of things to sell, but have donated most of the extras away now. Though I still have a lot, it has been good to get rid of things! When I went back to visit my family last time I went through my storage and basically got rid of everything, all my childhood stuff. Feels so good to know that it's gone to better use.
    This location you shot in is so elegant!
    xx Jenelle


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