Sunday, 8 December 2019

Unisex Fragrance Editorial

Lets talk fragrance, and some of the newcomers this Christmas season. I am a big fan of woody, dark notes. If you’re like me, you opt for more bold scents in the colder months and lighter notes in the warmer months. I’ve put together this festive editorial for both men and women, because a lot of these scents are unisex. Enjoy! 

Top notes: Plum, Gardenia 

Heart notes: Carnation, Indian Tuberose 
Base notes: Rosewood, Honey Accord 
Romantic floral scent, a combination of sweet mystery. 

Notes: Black Cardamom, Orchid and Water Lily 
Part of the 'Intense' collection, It's also infused with Kyara Wood, which is prized in Japan for its rarity, fragility and unique scent. For a woody, sensual twist, try layering it with English Oak & Redcurrant. 

Notes: Oud, Indonesian Patchouli, Norlimbanol, Amber and Tonka 
Combines the typical woody & classic oud notes with completely new modern elements, and presents a fascinating reinterpretation of oud. 

Top notes: Ban Timmur, Bergamot 
Heart notes: Carrot seeds, Rum, Wild Fig 
Base notes: Tonka Beans, Cashmere woods 
The Mysterious name is inspired by impermanence and the passing of time. 

Top Notes: Lotus flower, Clove and Pepper 
Heart notes: Green Violet, orchid, Iris Wood and Muguet 
Base notes: Leather, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Cashmere musk, Amber and Incense. 
A warm, intimate perfume blending florals and earthier scents to reach its crescendo. 

Top notes: Green Apple, Pink Pepper, Indonesian Patchouli, Calabrian Bergamot 
Heart notes: Bulgarian and Turkish Roses, Indian Sandalwood, Styrax, Musk 
Base notes: Peach, Cassis, Lilac, Amber, Ylang Ylang 
This scent is the irresistible feminine counterpart to the legendary Aventus. Inspired by history's most powerful women - from royalty and visionaries to artists and writers - whilst heralding the strong, modern woman of today. Opulent and sensual. 

Top notes: Fresh Fig Leaf and Bergamot 
Heart Notes: Jasmine and Geranium 
Base Notes: Labdanum, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Osmanthus 
Olfactive Signature: Oakmoss 
Androgynous. Unconventional. Mystifying. 

Photography: Yours Truly 


Saturday, 23 November 2019

Three Knitwear Trends for Autumn/Winter

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait for colder temperatures to set in so you could finally start layering and having more fun with your styling choices (or maybe that’s just me). Blame my mindset on stifling summers in Australia! Knitwear has had an overhaul this season and some late contenders have made the colder months that bit more bearable, not to mention experimental ways to style your wooly pieces. I’d say there are three key knitwear trends  the street style crowds have been delving into even since early spring of this year. 

1. The Double Knit 

I first started experimenting with adding a jumper into my outfits back in April, but back then it was over a white shirt or tee and tied cross body. This season we are seeing more draped thicker styles over turtlenecks and thicker knitted pieces. There are many ways to try this trend, and personally now it’s getting colder I’ve been experimenting over blazers loosely tied to give that snug look. Keeping the hues similar appears well put together with less fuss, so I’ve opted for double camel. My turtle neck is a lot thinner and then the draped jumper adds texture and warmth. 

2. The Knitted/Sweater Vest 

I first noticed this trend at CPFW in August (namely the beautiful baby blue Jaquemus number which I still can’t stop thinking about) but the vest was styled with no under layer and was paired with culottes/masculine trousers and strappy shoes. Temperatures are plummeting in the UK, so now we are seeing this layered over white shirts or slip dresses, paired with chunky boots. I’d say it’s a good piece to invest in, as it can be worn with bare arms when the warmer months kick in. The cream vest I am wearing in these images is from Arket, and they have such a great selection this season in lots of neutral colours. 

3. The Knitted Bib 

No, it’s not a baby bib but an adult version to literally ‘place’ over a light under layer: turtle neck or blouse. Lets just say that added layer that will thank you on a bitterly cold day. I personally love the cropped versions with a white shirt unbuttoned underneath. There is also the knitted tube top or bra which gives a similar vibe. Looks super cute with a buttoned cardigan over the top.

So have fun this season with knitwear, and happy styling!
All images photographed self-portrait.


Monday, 14 October 2019

New York in Three Days

It’s been a while, but I’m back with regular articles! I've missed not posting on here, so I am going to put a lot more time and energy into posting regularly on here moving forward! I thought I'd start with a trip I took last month.

I ventured to New York with Japanese Beauty brand Decorté. They are a brand I hadn’t heard too much about before the trip, as they are only just breaking into the western market. It’s common knowledge that Japanese skincare has renowned status, not to mention the techniques and steps to achieving that glow meant learning new ways to achieve them. The purpose of the trip was to introduce me to the new range, AQ Meliority. I'm a big fan of beauty products that are a true testament to scientific research, and this new range is designed to awaken the skin's ability to self-regenerate and recapture youth. Unique ingredients sourced include Benifuki Extract (a rare green tea), Murasaki-Cha Extract (a purple tea high in polyphenols), and Shirakaba Water which protect skin and prevent ageing. The day started being dressed in a traditional Yukata, followed by a presentation surrounding the new range. Then the fun part, the facial! I have a NYC highlight on my Instagram featuring the full process, so if you’re interested in learning more it’s all explained over there with videos live from the facial. My skin was glowing for days after, and I have started to introduce the Intensive Revitalizing Emulsion followed by the Repair Lotion into my night time regime every night. It’s been 3 weeks and my skin feels supple and looks glowing. It’s currently stocked in Harrods in the UK. its no surprise Decorté is the best selling beauty brand in Japan. 

Decorté kindly accommodated me at The Wythe in Williamsburg. I’ve wanted to stay at this hotel for some time! The decor is industrial, with nice big warehouse style windows, concrete floors and modern service. It’s also conveniently a short walk from the L train which takes you into Lower Manhattan in 5 minutes. I love this area, and used to make the trip here to one of my favourite vintage stores when I lived in NYC over ten years ago. It’s called Beacon’s Closet. It’s easy to spend a few hours in this converted warehouse. I picked up an on trend longline leather jacket and Levi’s jeans both for under $50! 

I wanted to make the most of my time in the city, so I booked an extra night in Manhattan staying at The Moxy Chelsea. It was a nice change to Brooklyn; equally as nice, and I paid a little more for a city view. It’s only around $30 more than a standard room, so I definitely recommend it! The sunset over the concrete jungle was one of the best I have witnessed. And because of that, I’ll definitely rebook for next year. 

I loved being back in New York, and even though it’d been ten years since living there it felt exactly the same, and I still knew the subway! It was also nice to catch up with old friends. 

As I ventured to NYC on my own, I took my tripod to capture all the content you see in this post. Out of all the cities I take my self-portraits, New York is one of my favourites (this is my second trip to the city taking self-portraits) and it’s so nice to convey how I view the city through images. I really enjoyed these three days, the new brand I got to meet with, and the creativity I felt. Before heading to New York, I was thinking about attending New York Fashion Week next February and this trip confirmed that. Only next time, I’m sure it will be freezing cold with a lot of layers! 

And before I forget, where to eat! Two Hands is an Australian cafe on Mott Street, and the breakfast doesn’t disappoint! Prepare to wait though! For dinner close to Moxy, I went to Rosa Mexicana for a friends birthday which is about a 15 minute walk down sixth avenue. Let me know if you have any other questions about New York, my Instagram messages are always open!

All images photographed self-portrait.


Sunday, 23 June 2019

Weekend Habitat: Raes on Wategos Byron Bay

Step inside the perfectly curated Raes on Wategos, Byron Bay. There are a number of properties in the world that are on my bucket list to experience and photograph. Raes is one of them. This boutique hotel has seven individually designed rooms, each with their own individuality encapsulating the Byron Bay charm. A short walk to the beach, the sunset is one of the most breathtaking I've experienced. Every detail is carefully thought about. From the background music, amenities, and staff that make sure your comfort and experience is of upmost priority. The Aesop travel size toiletries are an added bonus.

Photography: Helen-Jayne Driscoll
Raes website:

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