Thursday 19 February 2015

Pool Pinstripes

When was the last time you wore a suit to a pool? Probably the same answer as mine……never! So thought I’d bend the rules a little and experiment with tailoring in a different environment. This article is part two of my trip to the Central Coast with Andrea. She knows I am a sucker for a pool, and was telling me about this quiet little spot not far from her mums. It’s nothing like Bondi Iceberg’s. It’s raw and untouched. The colour of the water isn’t as perfect as Iceberg’s but that’s because the bottom isn’t painted white. It’s beauty is quite simply natural and the water looked pretty cold!

I tip-toed around the pool and most definitely looked out of place, but what makes this location work are the pinstripes. Baby blue to match the sky and wide fitting culottes that moved perfectly with the ocean breeze. Plus, I love a location I’ve never photographed before! Last month, I discovered NZ brand Glassons whilst bumbling around the Junction. Pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tags and minimalist approach to fashion, I was craving more and my wish list is ever growing. The suit I had my eye on for the last few weeks, and for only $100 you can’t go wrong. It’s something I can see myself wearing with a roll neck sweater and trench coat layered in the colder months. The shoes I bought in the UK, but thought I’d style them up with a pair of Bondi Laces. Every pair you purchase is a months worth of education for a child in need. Such a good charity to donate too, whilst looking snazzy all at the same time!

Shop the look:

Jacket: Glassons
Tank top: Glassons 
Culottes: Glassons (currently sold out, similar here)
Shoes: Primark (similar here)
Bag: (Forever 21)
Laces: Bondi Laces

Photo credit to Andrea Hetherington from Leather and Lattes blog.

Hair colour and cut by Paul Anthony

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  1. I love this look on you! I am obsessed or even addicted to stripes lately! xx


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