Monday 29 February 2016

The Finer Details

Ever since stepping on the plane to Australia, dainty jewellery was my accessory of choice. When you are counting your luggage kg at check-in, the statement jewellery has to go! Believe it or not, I used to love chunky bangles and necklaces and could never see an outfit finished unless it had the one or both. In my uni days, a new outfit every weekend was a must! I always remember spending way more on the accessories, and accumulating boxes and boxes of brightly coloured costume pieces to match every detail of an outfit. Oh how things change! 10 years on, I am on a serious mission to downsize my wardrobe with only dainty jewellery catching my eye. You can add the finishing touches to most looks without looking like you have tried too hard.

Today’s pieces are from Emma & Roe. I opted for black as my base, knowing I will get so much wear out of this colour way to compliment my monochrome wardrobe. I also like that you can build each with minimal charms, so if I am feeling like a change it’s nice to have the option to take one off or add her and there. Day to day, my wardrobe is quite simple. A tee with a blazer are my usual go to pieces. The style at my office is quite relaxed, but it’s nice to add these new bits of jewellery to my workwear wardrobe without the “ooooo where are you off to tonight” kinda talk. Because as soon as that conversation strikes up, you know you are a little overdressed!

Shop the look:

Photo credit to my love, Chris 

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