Sunday 14 August 2016

Five Days In Barca

Back in June Chris and I visited Barcelona for the first time. It’s been over ten years since visiting (and living) in Spain, I can’t believe it’s not been checked off the travel list sooner. City holidays are some of my favourites, but it also means I need a small bag to fit all the essentials and avoid lugging a heavy bag around. I can’t tell you how many times I misplace my phone, or try and squeeze my device into my non-practical handbag which means it can end up on the floor with a cracked screen. This is a bloggers worst nightmare! But backpacks and beach bags are not my thing, so most of the time my phone is in my hand or back pocket ready for the next photo or Snapchat story.

These are the words of a girl who lives the majority of her day online. As I carry 2 devices at all times (one work phone and one personal) multiple Drop and Protection Otterbox cases have somewhat become my anti phone smashing prevention of choice alongside an accessory to match my neutral wardrobe. No french fries or pineapple cases here I’m afraid!

Set to go with phones in hand we were super excited to be in a new city, and there was a lot of exploring to be had. We stayed in the Gothic Quarter, which I would definitely recommend as its close to the beach, and also walking distance to ample coffee shops and good restaurants. We stayed at new development Catalonia Magdalenes and was pleasantly surprised with the decor and architecture of the place. The view from the roof meant Barcelona Cathedral was in plain sight, with the pool and cabanas making it a little difficult to leave each morning.

Each morning we walked over to Placa Reial, and had a much needed cup of coffee and tea and Hotel DO. White table cloths and a good selection of pastries meant an hour passed by in the Catalonian sunshine. Walking in a loop back to the hotel we stopped by Barcelona Cathedral most mornings. This was definitely a time my phone came out of my back pocket to capture the epic light play on the front of the church. We also found morning was so much more peaceful than in the evening, it definitely has a very different feel come night.

La Sagrada Familia was high up on our list to visit, and it doesn’t disappoint. I have honestly never viewed and appreciated architecture like it. The columns inside the church represent tree trunks in a forest. The stained glass on the each side makes the church glow either warm tones or cold, depending on the time of day. Gaudi said that “colour was the expression of life” which is why he decided to make its presence felt inside the Basilica. I would highly recommend the audio tour to make you more aware of the surroundings, encouraging you to look at the reasoning behind the architectural choices that Gaudi made. Don’t miss out on the trip to the roof. If you were following along on Snapchat you would have seen how amazing the view was and how claustrophobic the stairs are on the way back down! 

Eating out, Yelp was our go to app for some of the best restaurants in the city. We actually found a pinxto restaurant walking distance from our hotel called Bilbao Berria. We probably ate at this place 2-3 times on our trip and was one of our favourite tapas joints based on value for money and selection. If you are looking for one of the best views of the city, head over to Hotel 1898 on La Ramblas. Chillout house music with the sun setting sipping on a rum and fresh ginger cocktail had me at hello. This is how city trips should always end!

Photography by myself with help from my love, Chris.
In collaboration with Otterbox

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  1. It's funny how staying at one end of a city will sorta mean you have one experience and if you went back and stayed at the other end of a city, you have a totally different one. Well, we stayed at the opposite end of Barcelona and I didn't tick everything off of the list that I would have liked to, so I will have to follow your example and stay by the beach. Also, I agree, these cases sound like a very smart idea!
    xx Jenelle


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