Monday 1 August 2016

The layered Black Dress

Layering has been my go to styling tool for the majority of winter ’16. It was featured heavily in the European winter fashion weeks and I love to pull inspiration from them even though they are rocking summer at the moment.

When living in the UK, I discovered the website Lyst which had a good selection of high end brands. I always find it easier heading to one website typing in what I am looking for and getting an array of styles and brands all in one place! Although I own way too many coats for the Sydney climate, it’s actually quite nice leaving them out for todays post. Whether you layer a camisole, slip dress or heavier fabrics there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing this trend comfortably for any occasion. 

1. Draw attention to back detailing. I have seen some great styling this month with black dresses paired back with an off shoulder shirt. I myself have dabbled in this last month, and feel it works really well with a scoop or low back dress. 
2. Pair a slip dress with a tee and sneakers. This combo is so easy to wear, especially when worn casually. 
3. It doesn’t always need to be a tee. Try styling with a shirt or turtleneck for a suitable workwear look.
4. Flared jeans look cool too. This one is for you ladies currently in winter. The slip dress can be a little chilly this time of year, so don’t forget that layering doesn’t have to only be on your top half.
5. Add hardware. Cute chains and chokers can make this look feel more 90’s. I personally love circle detail pendants.
6. No rules on dress length. Make it work for you and take your season into consideration. Try a mini style if currently in summer and a midi style if still feeling the chill!

Today's dress is from Vale Denim and it's actually quite different to any other dress I own. It's a heavy denim that's great to wear without a coat. The eyelet detailing is also super cool and gives the dress that added bit of oomph. Sneakers just felt right to keep it more street for a day out in the city. Wearing boots would give off a different vibe altogether. Saying that, I will probably wear a good pair of knee highs with this dress for dinner dates.

I have compiled some of my favourite black dresses from Lyst this season which you can layer the way that works for you.



  1. Love these eyelid dress hon !

  2. Hel, you never cease to impress me with your styling! This outfit is so incredible, I want to recreate it and wear it to FW hahah. Miss you, Girl! xx


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