Tuesday 20 June 2017

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

12pm on a weekday, Midtown NYC I decided to shoot this girl boss suit on my tripod.

For those that might not know, the majority of my posts I shoot on my own. Each time I practice, the more I get a little more comfortable and forget who’s around me. Towards the end of last year, my confidence took a plummet due to a traumatic time in my personal life and have spent the last 6 months working towards getting my old self back; learning to self love in the process. None of us are perfect, and social media can easily sugar coat life. We are all guilty I promise you.

Today’s post is about pushing your boundaries, and doing something that’s out of your comfort zone to take you one step closer to your goals. When you have been through some kind of trauma you have to take each day as it comes. I have found setting small goals each week really help towards happiness and it’s another accomplishment to tick off your list. It’s actually great going into a new work week and feeling positive. Week by week, you start to feel more confident and feel that self worth that you may have lost along the way. I think it's important to share this with you all, so that if something is going on in your life that really gets you down know you aren't alone.

So back to todays shoot! 57th Street between 6th and 7th avenue is a really busy street. I actually used to live one block up on 58th Street, so the location brings back a lot of fond memories of when I moved to Manhattan on my own back in 2010. This was the first place I lived in NYC and the beginning of gaining independence, so what better place to push my boundaries shooting on a tripod at the lunch rush to really test me. Midtown is very corporate so the suit blends in! I’m not into wearing head to toe tailoring so thought adding a tee and neck tie changed things up a little yet still feeling chic. Both the jacket and pants are Chinese Silk and felt so lightweight. The best thing about this more casual 2 piece is that the jacket is super versatile, I’ll definitely wear it with jeans. As for the pants, they are a little sporty so will look awesome with a pair of sneakers and oversized light knit for weekend brunch. 

I would love to hear how you guys push yourself, and do you find you achieve more in the process? From a mental or accomplishment perspective? Let me know!

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Photo Credit to yours truly. Shot in Midtown Manhattan in collaboration with Grana. Receive 10% off your order with code ‘SSxGRANA’.



  1. I'm sorry to hear of what you went through. Things come along to test us, don't they? Usually when you are least expecting it. I really ought to try shooting on my own. I need a better tripod- ours doesn't tip to portrait so well. At the moment I feel a little bit lost when it comes to pushing myself. I am just trying to keep things growing with momentum, and learning along the way.
    xx Jenelle

  2. I love this look! You have the right approach to working through a traumatic time. I've been in the same position as you for the past year. It's tough, but little by little you will get back to yourself and come out even stronger for it.
    Love the blog & your Instagram by the way.
    Mia x


  3. You did such a great job with this shoot. I remember admiring it a few months ago!


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