Tuesday 1 August 2017

Euro Summer Feels

Is it winter you ask??

Even though we are in the height of winter in Australia, it definitely doesn’t feel like it when treated to 26 degree days. Time to get your pins out ladies, and what better way to flash some skin than with a cute mini skirt. I recently discovered the brand By The Way’ which is easy on the eye and bank account. I am already prepared and excited for an Aussie summer, but before then I am bookmarking my favourite pieces for a trip to Europe next month. I haven't seen my family back home for nearly three years so can't wait! 

Today’s look is a very Euro summer inspired. Parlez-vous français? Me neither, but you get the gist. Motif tees and printed minis will probably dominate my summer closet (and of course denim) but until then I've opted for a trusty blazer to keep my look in check. I couldn’t resist the straw addition which was a good find on my recent trip to NYC. I can feel this style bag being a key piece for next season, so I have linked some of my favourite at the bottom of this post.

It may sound optimistic to suggest that winter is well and truly over, but I’d like to remain with that notion. I’ve put a stop to investing in winter clothes for the sake of closet space and my bank account. Summer style is definitely on my mind, and Revolve are helping me ease into the coming season nicely. It’s great to stay ahead of the trends shopping Northern Hemisphere.

It’s always difficult shopping online, especially from overseas because you always want to buy a few options to try on at home, but then stuck with a return postage bill which is all 5 of your morning coffees for the week. 

Not cool. 

No need to worry about return shipping costs anymore! Revolve offers free 3 day Express shipping and free returns. Your caffeine fix will not be taken off you I promise!

Shop my look:

Photo credit to Jo from Jo Hombsch blog

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  1. Three years is such a long time to be missing your family. I got to see some of mine last week, and my little second cousin sassily pointed out to me that she was a baby last time I met her and now she is five. Crazy!
    I love this look (as you can no doubt imagine). From head to toe! I could happily wear everything!
    xx Jenelle


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