Saturday 23 November 2019

Three Knitwear Trends for Autumn/Winter

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait for colder temperatures to set in so you could finally start layering and having more fun with your styling choices (or maybe that’s just me). Blame my mindset on stifling summers in Australia! Knitwear has had an overhaul this season and some late contenders have made the colder months that bit more bearable, not to mention experimental ways to style your wooly pieces. I’d say there are three key knitwear trends  the street style crowds have been delving into even since early spring of this year. 

1. The Double Knit 

I first started experimenting with adding a jumper into my outfits back in April, but back then it was over a white shirt or tee and tied cross body. This season we are seeing more draped thicker styles over turtlenecks and thicker knitted pieces. There are many ways to try this trend, and personally now it’s getting colder I’ve been experimenting over blazers loosely tied to give that snug look. Keeping the hues similar appears well put together with less fuss, so I’ve opted for double camel. My turtle neck is a lot thinner and then the draped jumper adds texture and warmth. 

2. The Knitted/Sweater Vest 

I first noticed this trend at CPFW in August (namely the beautiful baby blue Jaquemus number which I still can’t stop thinking about) but the vest was styled with no under layer and was paired with culottes/masculine trousers and strappy shoes. Temperatures are plummeting in the UK, so now we are seeing this layered over white shirts or slip dresses, paired with chunky boots. I’d say it’s a good piece to invest in, as it can be worn with bare arms when the warmer months kick in. The cream vest I am wearing in these images is from Arket, and they have such a great selection this season in lots of neutral colours. 

3. The Knitted Bib 

No, it’s not a baby bib but an adult version to literally ‘place’ over a light under layer: turtle neck or blouse. Lets just say that added layer that will thank you on a bitterly cold day. I personally love the cropped versions with a white shirt unbuttoned underneath. There is also the knitted tube top or bra which gives a similar vibe. Looks super cute with a buttoned cardigan over the top.

So have fun this season with knitwear, and happy styling!
All images photographed self-portrait.


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  1. I love knitwear so this post is very exciting!! The vest is gorgeous!! Such a beautiful chunky piece. Aw, you have me excited for cooler weather. Which as you know, won't be here in Aus for a long time! xx Jenelle |


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