Saturday 19 April 2014

Sydney Fashion Week: Tailoring Trend, Less Is More.

Fashion Week in Sydney was such a blast, and I took way too many pictures! But loved being behind the camera for once and witnessing the intricate details and appreciating the style from an onlooker perspective. Today’s post is focusing on the tailoring trend that is gracing us this season. It was all over the February ’14 runways and takes a step away from the tight sexy tailoring that YSL and other fashion houses admire. The tailoring I’m talking about is minimal, oversized and powerful. Asymmetric hemlines, boyish cuts, and trench coats draped over layers of neutral perfection. Rolled up slacks with adidas kicks, rolled up shirt sleeves That kind of tailoring! Designers such as BCBG and Calvin Klein are the masters of this, showcasing all white slouchy trousers with easy to wear complimentary shirts. It’s a different take on the usual 9-5 office attire. It’s femininity out of hours without trying too hard and in turn, effortless. 

Always putting Australia on the map for minimal at it's finest, Kaitlyn Ham - Style Blogger at

There were a lot of tailored outfits to be snapped at this years fashion week, and the ladies sporting this look really stood out from the crowd. Mainly because it drifted away from the high heels and over accessorizing of some arrivals. It was laid back, polished and in my eyes ethereal. Modeling agencies in Sydney provide the freshest faces to walk the runways of Sydney Fashion Week

Laid back effortless linen style, Taylah Roberts - Model 

Smart chic look from Michelle Smith

Menswear style guru styling it for the female audience, Rachell Khoo

Creative tailoring genius Margaret Zhang - Writer, Stylist and Photographer at

Aussie style front runner Amanda Shadforth - Creative director and dreamy instagrammer!

I really admire how these women have approached this trend, and feel that the look is complete when hair and make up is kept simple. Scraped back hair into a tight knot or un styled natural locks is eye catching at events like these. It’s that ‘model off duty’ look that really stands out for me and simplicity is sometimes where style really lives. Whilst reading this months Harper’s Bazaar, I came across the most interesting article. It approached how Parisian women’s ‘less is more’ mentality, and I’m going to finish up my street style posts with food for thought......

“French Women boast their femininity in the most tasteful way. It’s never in-your-face. Parisian chic looks thrown-together, even if the look has taken hours to achieve”
- Ines de la Fressange.

Helen-Jayne x


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