Tuesday 24 June 2014

Grey Hues In Watson’s Bay

Sunday morning was crisp and sunny which was the perfect setting for a winter’s shoot in Watson’s Bay. Weekend fashion shooting usually involves my collaborator Jo, so was feeling a little lost without her! She is lucky enough to be working in London and Paris these next few weeks. The show must go on in Sydney, so fellow blogger Andrea and I decided on an early morning meet up over coffee and style! We’ve been so eager to shoot here after my trip to The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel a few weeks back. The sun was just breaking through and the promenade was peaceful. Perfect.

Since being in Sydney, I have been introduced to so many cool brands. The skirt and coat I am wearing is August Street and actually discovered the brand on Instagram. It’s incredible how fashion is developing through social media and really connect with brands that have a clean aesthetic visually. Their winter range is stunning and love the oversized fit of this coat with splashes of grey. Braving the chilly morning like a true Brit, I opted for a crop top! Really wanted to bring out the grey notes in this look.

I can’t remember the last time I wore heels this high! I’m such a shorty it was actually refreshing having a little height for once! They definitely complimented the length of this skirt and It’s easy to forget that it’s actually winter here! Especially when I’m keeping my eyes open to the European summer trends (the warm weather is teasing me!) A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited for a makeover at The Makeup Store in Paddington. It was the first time I’ve actually had a make up tutorial! I was lucky enough to  take away some great tips that I was able to recreate for this shoot. As the look is quite minimal, I wanted to keep my face looking fresh and natural as it’s the type of look you can wear day or night. 

Bracelet: The Peach Box
Shoes: RMK Shoes

Helen-Jayne x

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