Sunday 3 August 2014

Denim & Lace Street Style

Over the last year, street style photography is a pastime that I can’t get enough of. Whether it’s snapping other bloggers, or capturing the style gurus at the entrance at Fashion Week. Personally, this type of fashion photography is the most interesting and it always seems way more eye catching in a city environment. Since my Chinatown post, I have been on the hunt for deep streets that create an off duty Fashion Week vibe.

Yesterday I met up with fellow bloggers and good friends Andrea and Alisha. We caught up over macarons, cake and coffee at one of my favourite international patisseries - Laduree. It’s not quite the same as a summers day, sat under an awning on the Champ De Elysees, but Pitt Street mall in Sydney’s CBD was just as much fun! I love that I have met such great gals in a new city who are just as passionate about fashion and good food! This city is really growing in the blog world, and it’s great that we can all meet up and discuss ideas for the future. Thankfully, they have both lived in Sydney for yonks, so as soon as I told them the environment I was looking for they knew exactly where to shoot this look. 


Probably not the most sensible idea getting the shots on a busy city centre road, but you have to take risks to get the best pictures! Andrea was our look out for cars whilst Alisha and I got into our snap happy zone. Luckily, no injuries! Just a few shuffles in heels to dodge oncoming traffic. Texture mixing is something I’m really into whilst transitioning from winter to spring. It was a little chilly, so this Stussy sweatshirt stopped the chill that was whistling through the city streets. Luckily, I picked up this oversized jacket at Bondi markets last week for just $25! It is Australia after all, so braved a lace skirt because the sun was shining. Excuse warranted!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Shop the look:

Sweatshirt: Stussy, available at Gluestore
Skirt: Window Lane
Jacket: Vintage, Bondi Markets (similar here)
Boots: Senso

Photo credit to Alisha Thornley from Alishayi Blog

Helen-Jayne x

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