Tuesday 29 July 2014

City Texture Mix

When I first moved to Sydney I used to split my time between exploring the beaches and bumbling about the city streets. But now I am working full time I rarely get the time to venture into the bustling cosmopolitan hub. Last weekend I met Andrea for a quick coffee and cupcake in Martin Place. Andrea is lucky enough to be heading on a round the world trip for six weeks so we are spending most weekends catching up and squeezing in outfit shoots before the departure. Martin Place on a weekday reminds me a little of my time in NYC. Everyone is in a rush and focused on one thing.....making it to work on time. The weekend is a completely different vibe: a wide slab of concrete with not one person in sight. Contrast at it’s finest, and I’ve transferred that change in mixing textures for today’s look. Knit, leather and silk. 

I’ve never experienced a winter without a giant coat and scarf the length of a football field wrapped around my neck! It really is the mildest winter ever, so a jumper that subtly bares shoulders is no biggie for a Brit in Aus! There’s something sexy about showing off this part of the body. It’s classy, non offensive and still leaves a lot to the imagination. I will definitely be wearing more of this slung style in the summer months swapping knit for a lighter fabric. One thing I also love about this time of year is styling a lot of looks with a trusty leather jacket. It adds a relaxed feel to most looks, and if you’re like me you will make every effort to accessorize it into most looks. 

Andrea and I have been busy planning the next few looks channeling into spring. Lets hope the weather stays sunny so that we don’t freeze our butts off baring legs for our next outfit post!

Shop the look:

Jumper: Boohoo
Skirt: Keepsake The Label available from Glue Store 
Jacket: Guess (similar here)

Photo credit to Andrea from Leather and Lattes.

Helen-Jayne x

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