Friday 5 June 2015

Dress Over Trousers

Winter means two things for my wardrobe: Layering and a dark colour palette. My wardrobe couldn’t be any more chromatic at the moment, and it definitely helps the purse strings having this mentality. This weekend, I cleaned out my wardrobe of any items that:
  1. Resembled to each other in any way (ie. 2 black knit jumpers)
  2. Any summer clothes that can't be worn right now
  3. Fast fashion pieces in which I made the judgement will no longer be cool next season
It’s so refreshing having a wardrobe clean out and having a limited number of pieces to choose from when dressing in the morning. Mix and matching when layering is fun and easy when your wardrobe consists of basic, more refined pieces. For me, I love building a tailoring look and was thrilled to come across this white shirt dress with lace detail. I’m a big fan of flares at the moment, and I’m loving dresses over trousers. I remember my first attempt at this when I was thirteen. A trip to Topshop London Oxford Circus I was sold! It’s developed a lot more since then (thank god), and I’d like to coin the term “a feminine touch to layering”. Whilst of course channeling a classic yet contemporary feel. Flares are still a big tick in the books, but think more tight fitting and then flared from the knee, otherwise they can be mistaken for a wide legged pant. 

I think I own a good selection of vests at this point, and have come to the assumption that it’s Australia’s best effort at a coat! If you have a warm jumper underneath, this is all you will need (minus the cold snap early morning and late at night!). I really like this knitted version from Boohoo as it adds a bit of extra warmth and is great to throw own for a casual brunch on weekends. A fur stole or scarf is a must when living in the UK, but you don't see it all that much in Australia. So I like to add this touch to a winter look just draped over the shoulder to add a bit of class.

Stay tuned over on my Instagram this weekend for a review of two hotels. Thank you long weekend! I actually think it’s hilarious that Australia have a public holiday for the Queens birthday but poor old Britain doesn’t. Cheers Lizzy! Can’t wait to experience The Blue Mountains…..that’s all I’m saying!

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  1. Wow babe.. You look amazing. Love the clutch! x



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