Thursday 6 August 2015

Alpine Review: Trackers Mountain Lodge

Mountain life.....

Even though I’m from the UK, and mountains are a stones throw away, I have never actually been to an alpine resort! It’s been on my wish list since I was sixteen.  I remember forfeiting my first ski trip with the school to The Pyrenees in France to attend a National dance competition. The whole time I was showing off my Jazz hands I wanted to be throwing myself down a mountain, trying something new! Fourteen years have passed (don’t count my age!) and skiing was back on my mind. I honestly didn’t know that Australia had ski resorts until last year. Us Brits are brainwashed with parched fields, kangaroos and  TV show Neighbours, so this is a girl that moved to Australia with no coat.  No exaggeration! After researching the slopes here it was an easy decision to choose Falls Creek in Victoria., and Trackers Mountain Resort. The village is in the mountain and you can literally ski to your door. White snow and serene views. Definitely an Instagram dream!

After five snowboarding classes at In2Ski in Sydney, it was time to experience the REAL slopes, so ventured on a road trip this weekend to one of the most quaint, welcoming, family run hotels I’ve experienced in a long time. Our Honda HR-V got us there in one piece and always opt to travel with a bigger car for these kind of road trips. This new model isn’t as big as the CR-V that we took to the Blue Mountains recently but it was just as comfortable for the seven hour drive. 

When we pulled up to Falls Creek, Janette (the owner of Trackers) came to meet us with the snow buggy (puppy tagging along in the back). I knew after meeting Pup Pup the dog this weekend was going to be good! After a backy to the hotel door, a nice hot drink was in order and we arrived just at the right time! Afternoon tea is served daily between 3-5pm so it was nice to meet some of the other guests and take in the magnificent view of The Summit, which you could see from the dining room and also from our room! The sun was shining so didn’t want to miss a minute of photography in the glistening village. Chris and I took a walk around to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings. We must have struck gold, as by 6:30pm dinner was served back at our hotel. ALL 7 COURSES! We didn’t work up an appetite as much as our fellow guests, but gave the menu a good go. Janette and some of the other staff joined us for dinner and it was great sitting with the people that live and breath skiing for the winter season. That’s one thing I rate in a small hotel: personable owners. When I used to manage a small hotel after graduating university, I used to try and get to know the guests a bit at breakfast. That’s why people choose the small hotels, to get that extra special customer service from the heart. I have most certainly experienced excellent customer service at bigger chains (such as Pier One Sydney a few months back) but this hotel was a little different: It made me want to go back, and that’s the reason most of the guests are returning for their 3rd and 4th season. 

The mountain air is dry, so woke up on the second day with a terrible cold. That didn’t stop us from our first snowboarding experience in the real snow though!! A good hearty breakfast at the hotel consisted of homemade pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, eggs and fresh fruit. Was a fan go the fresh T2 teas available. We kind of chose the worst day in the year to head out to the slopes, it rained! After two hours with our instructor we were soaked to the bone! We called it a day and decided to pick up from where we left off on day three. After numerous Snapchats on the ski lift consisting of jingles and breathtaking views, we were pumped to try the mountains in the snow instead of rain! A couple of hours smashing the mountains we felt good to finally get the hang of it! 

I definitely recommend Falls Creek for beginner snowboarders and skiers, even intermediate or advanced level individuals who are looking for a resort within Australia. Trackers Mountain Lodge is the perfect spot that’s only a healthy ten minute walk to the lifts and bars. Plus you are fed and watered the whole time with friendly service and good homemade cuisine.  What more could you ask for! Did I mention endless tea and coffee too? Added bonus! And if you love dogs, you can make 2 new canine friends in the process. Heads up for all you bendy lot,  they are offering a yoga retreat this September! More info on their website here: 


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