Sunday 9 August 2015

Winter - Spring - Summer

Lately, I have been struggling with the weather changes in Sydney. Last weekend I was at the mountains in sub degree temperatures whilst Sydneysiders were enjoying 25 degree days! That’s a hot summers day in the UK, and can’t believe how crazy the weather can be here! Hence the reason for today’s post. How to dress for 3 seasons in one day! As much as I’m dragging out winter, it’s hard to avoid the tempting spring/summer pieces that are dropping into stores right now. For all you ladies who love Aussie labels, I give you Frolic Girls. Wollongong based boutique stocking classic affordable brands such as Cameo Collective, The Fifth Label, Zulu & Zephyr and many more. For the more up market female, they also have an array of more luxury directed brands: Zimmerman, Camilla and Marc, Faddoul etc. It’s a great online destination for emerging and classic pieces and if you love to get your hands on these brands from a local store then look no further.

Midi skirts are perfect for any season, and love a good old A line to accentuate height and add a bit of femininity to any look. This Fifth Label 2 piece is so versatile I’ve managed to style it three ways   for different seasons. Being a monochrome print, it’s definitely not difficult to find pieces in my wardrobe to layer this look. The knitted jumper is a year old and actually mens! Although male jumpers don’t typically fit my shoulders, it’s a nice oversized option and love I can roll the sleeves up to give that relaxed slouchy look to contrast the girly movement of the skirt. For my autumn twist on this look, I have added a lightweight Kardashian Collection trench coat to bring out the brighter tones whilst layering without bulkiness. One touch I like to add to my layered looks is rolling the sleeves over the jacket. I personally hate the feeling of scrunched sleeves! Plus it leaves room to display your favourite timepiece or arm candy.

It’s weird being back from the mountains, as loved it there and if you follow me on Instagram you will see how snap happy I have been over the last week. Currently writing this post from Melbourne. It’s nice to be back here again for a relaxing weekend which is much needed after snowboarding! Shot a cool editorial look from my hotel which I’ll be sharing in the next couple of weeks!

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Photo Credit to Laurie Young from The Rue Collective Blog


  1. These photos turned out so well! You look gorgeous! Love how you've worked the outfit three different ways, you've taken us through all the seasons! I think I need these shoes too...

  2. Beautiful! You look so stunning!

  3. Great look! I'm definitely looking forward to not having to rug up so much here in Melbourne. I think you've inspired me to finally bite the bullet and get some midi skirts!

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