Wednesday 2 September 2015

Back To Black

Happy spring or autumn, Depending on where you are in the world! The sun was shining here yesterday to grace us with a new season. One that doesn’t last long in Sydney. Even though the cold snap has eased off, the mornings and evenings are still quite chilly. All black is a common combination I am all too familiar with, and I even surprise myself with the amount of mix and matching to be had when styling this palette. I am easing into spring wearing more lightweight tailoring with a relaxed fit with a mix of sharp and soft lines. I spent the majority of my late teens wearing River Island and thrilled they deliver to Australia and stock on The Iconic. Fingers crossed they open a flagship store soon! If you aren’t yet familiar with this store, then let me introduce you. Their styles are contemporary, tailoring is sharp and powerful, and their festival wear is basically a mash up of some of the best muses that rock Coachella. Have I sold it yet? It’s basically one of the biggest stores in the UK, and have been renowned for collaborations with the likes of Rihanna. It definitely added to shopping addiction back home, and they always do a great mix of workwear for the female that likes to keep stylish 9-5.

Today I’m wearing a slouchy soft kimono with a sharp layered midi skirt. I quite like the mix of lines and although both items are black, there’s something quite powerful surrounding the look. I decided to style with a suede collar underneath to add a touch of 70’s and classic Clubmaster style sunglasses from Oscar Wylee. Finished off with some marble hardware and suede boots that I seriously have struggled keeping off my feet! I love a good pointy boot, and an added bonus for the square heel. A big fan of that. A little sad that boots won’t be an option as the temperatures warm up, so will spend spring getting my wear out of them before the weekly pedicures begin!

Shop the look:

Photo credit to Laurie Young from The Rue Collective 


  1. So crazy gorgeous! Love an all black look.

  2. Stunning! There's something so classy and beautiful about all black outfits. I love it!

  3. River Island stores, here, in Aus? UM count me in! Let's be honest, we definitely had no where near the amount of quality high street stores you guys did and I'm very jealous for it, so it's so good to see so many open here finally!

    This kimono and skirt combination is absolutely incredible Helen. Perfect styling, as always.

    Kiara <3 //


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