Friday 20 April 2018

The Accessories To Pack

This week has been dedicated to packing my four years in Australia into two suitcases! It wasn’t an easy task one bit. I thought I would have been able to do it in a couple of days but it has literally taken me over three weeks to decide what to cull and what to keep. Because lets be honest, no one wants the extra costs of kilos at the airport! There were a few things I definitely kept hold of, either because they are seasonal staples or for the reason they are timeless accessories. I’ll be doing a more in depth packing post upon my return to the UK, but until then I am sharing the accessories I have kept a tight hold of. 

One piece I didn’t part ways with was my Daniel Wellington watch. I think having a small yet curated collection of accessories can really elevate your wardrobe. For me, that includes a few timepieces that all differ in some way - i.e, a contrasting watch face and neutral straps in different fabrics to match the majority of my looks. It’s always great to have the option of a mesh strap (great for evening or tailored looks) and a leather strap (my go to for casual or denim looks). I'm a minimal jewellery kind of girl, so my watch is usually the stand out piece. You’ve only got to spot a coffee shot on my Instagram to see what I mean! I have styled with the Daniel Wellington cuff which comes in silver or rose gold. 

Handbags in monochromatic colours are a great option for styling. When packing everything into two suitcases the less handbags the better to save space, so I have definitely culled a lot of ‘fashion’ bags this week. I think keeping a tote, a cross body, and a shoulder bag is enough. Any bag that’s a trend piece that I can buy at a reasonable price point I will wait to purchase back in the UK. 

I have also kept hold of a handful of earrings - a few statement and small everyday styles all in gold. 

Daniel Wellington are offering a free strap when purchasing a watch offer and an additional 15% off with code ‘STYLESTRUCTURE’ until May 31st. For my Australian followers, the gift sets are a great option for Mother’s Day next month. I actually purchased one for my mums birthday last year and she loves it!

Photo credit to Jessie Khoo


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