Monday 28 January 2019

7 Body Oils To Know

Lets talk body oils. It’s a product I’ve started using religiously the last few months. I have tried and tested a fair few over December and January and have experimented in both cold and hot climates. I have to admit, the first product I used to apply post shower was moisturiser but now it’s oil. Plus it has so many uses, from protecting your skin from dryness, to a massage oil post exercise, bath oil, razor burn protection and a great preventative to insect bites as they hate the feeling of oil on your skin. Depending on my mood or how I want my skin to feel, there are a few favourites I want to share with you. 

The Luxury Oil 
My go to has to be Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil. It’s a little pricey, but you can definitely feel it has a luxe touch and the consistency is a little heavier than some but it’s fast absorbing. It’s a great product to use in the morning after your shower and you’ll benefit from the moisture all day. The scent is beautiful! 

The Night Out Oil 
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a multi usage oil. The scent smells like a luxury perfume so it’s my go to for a nice dinner or date night. It features top notes of Orange Blossom, heart notes of Rose and Lily, and Vanilla base notes. This oil can be used as a body, hair and face oil - try blending with your foundation to give your skin that extra boost. The packaging is definitely one to show off on the bathroom shelf.

The Bath Oil 
Espa Bath Oil Collection is perfect for a gift or if you are a frequent traveller as each bottle is the perfect companion at 15ml. It showcases six bath oils - Fitness, Restorative, Soothing, Energising, Detoxifying and Resistance. I also add Epsom Bath Salts if my muscles needed extra healing and repair from the gym. 

The All Round Oil 
Whenever I have a hair appointment at my Aveda salon, they also start with a scalp massage. I’m always drawn to the scents and such a fan of the Beautifying Oil. It contains jojoba oil and a blend of essences, including rosemary and bergamot. Perfect for dry skin and can be used in the bath, on dry skin, for body and calming scalp massage. 

The Anti-Stress/Night Time Oil 
There’s nothing better than a nice warm bath in the colder months. I was exercising around 5 times a week and having long days at my laptop just before Christmas, so a bath was necessary a few nights a week before bed. The three oils I would recommend to help you drift into a relaxing sleep would be The White Company Sleep Relax Oil, Mauli Surrender Vata Oil, and Neom Perfect Night Sleep Oil. Scents with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and chamomile really help me relax and switch off from screen time. I found it helped soothe aching bones and joints while clarifying the mind for a greater sense of wellbeing and calm. Plus, it felt so nice to wake up feeling refreshed and inhaling in the same scents in the morning. 

I’ve linked all oils below, would love to hear if you have any favourites!


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