Sunday 10 February 2019

Healthy Meals Inspired From Sydney

Back from a month in Australia, and what an amazing trip it was! Waking up so close to the ocean, eating healthy and getting creative in my second home felt really good. Especially because January is such a grey month in the UK. I knew I didn’t want to fall into the slumped January blues upon return, so made a promise to myself I would bring the positive energy and healthy lifestyle home with me. When you spend time in Sydney, you realise just how much people take care of themselves, and its good motivation to practice a good routine of exercise and healthy eating even when the weather isn’t as warm here. 

I’m not one to make New Years Resolutions, but I am making a conscious effort in 2019 to take care of my skin and body from the inside out. Making just a few lifestyle changes can have such a huge difference on your skin and overall wellbeing. So the first thing I did when touching down was stock up my Samsung fridge for the week ahead. Lots of greens, fresh fruit, fish and coffee (the last one needs no explaining!). I have been using The Beauty Chef Glow Powder, which is a beauty blend containing probiotic super foods. I add one scoop with water which aids a healthy gut to start the day. As I work from home the days I am not on location photographing, I try to stick to a routine of having breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Meal prepping helps, and to give variety I usually swap out my breakfast choices each morning or the protein in each meal. Below I’ve listed some of the meals I have been preparing inspired by dishes I had in Sydney.


The Beauty Chef Glow Powder mixed with water 
Avocado and 2 x chilli boiled eggs on wholemeal toast 
(The best I had in Sydney was Infiniti Bakery, Paddington) 


Blended blueberry, dates, avocado, banana and almond milk smoothie 


King prawn Broccoli Salad 
(Inspired by the amazing salad menu at Harrys, North Bondi) 

handful of long stem broccoli 
one pear chopped 
handful of green beans 
half a red onion 
half a cup of pomegranate seeds 
olive oil and balsamic dressing 


Handful of dates and half a handful of nuts 


Watermelon, mango and blueberry fruit salad 


Salmon Green Stirfry 
(Inspired by Chin Chin, Surry Hills) 

salmon fillet 
handful of kale 
handful of spinach 
handful of chopped cabbage 
half a red onion 
one cup of chopped carrot 
rice noodles 
sauce of choice: I like sweet and sour sauce, Katsu curry or sweet chilli. 

I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2019! 

Photography and Creative Direction by yours truly 
Collaboration in partnership with Samsung Home Appliances



  1. Helen, these are damn good meal plans! We went to Harry's on our last trip- I swear all of my foodie recommendations end up coming via Jo! I had THE BEST lunch there too. This salad would be perfect. And I am with you on the Glow Powder too, just had mine for the day.
    xx Jenelle |

  2. I've found that preparing meals ahead of time helps me a lot. I love your Instagram clips and also like to snack of a handful of nuts.

    Whenever you can, check out my blog and let me know what you think.


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