Sunday 26 April 2020

Working From Home

My apartment has had a little reshuffle the last few weeks in an attempt to refocus my time working more from home. I’ve moved my desk into a little nook next to the kitchen (great proximity to my Samsung fridge!), and my dining table is in the window. Spring has sprung and meal times with a view makes me remember why I fell in love with this airy space in the first place.

Natural light is so important to me, as my home is also my studio. It’s where I create a lot of imagery for myself and clients. Now the days are longer, staying home doesn’t actually feel too bad. I try and stick to a routine where possible, as being a creative means everyday can be a bit different. In all honesty, my daily work routine has changed a lot over the last two years as found some aspects of my day were better to do at a different time. So I’ve shared some tips for people who are new to working from home, as it’s taken me a few different routines to find one right for me. Everyone works differently and at their own pace, so it might not be for you. But hope some points help in some way:

1. 8am start
I try and start the day the same time Monday-Friday so my body has a routine. I never check my emails or phone whilst in bed, I wait until after I have brushed my teeth! Sounds random, but it’s because if I reach for my phone the moment I am awake I could end up lying in bed for up to an hour scrolling social media.

2. Coffee and quiet time
I’ve wanted a coffee machine for the best part of two years but never made it happen. So instead, I bought a cafetiere for the hob which makes beautiful espresso coffee.

3. At Home Workout
I’ve started doing workouts at home around 4 days a week. No equipment needed other than a mat. It’s been saving me money on a gym and Personal Trainer, and I save time getting to and from the gym. I am finding so many cool workouts on You Tube that are HIIT focused for a duration of 30 minutes long. I used to workout at the gym in the evenings, but when I’m behind the camera I get really tired hence morning workouts being a big change for me.

4. Shower, Dress Comfortably, Add Music
Even though I am home, I think it’s nice to still make an effort with wearing something a bit more smarter than your PJ’s. I have been investing in good quality loungewear and linen. Personally, this gets me into a professional mind set. Recently I’ve been listening to the radio whilst working. It can get a bit quiet and lonely on your own at home. I was trying my hand at podcasts, but when typing or editing I couldn’t concentrate on the two! 

5. Set Meal Times and Stay Hydrated
It’s very easy to skip meals when you don’t have colleagues to go to lunch with! For the last couple of months, I’ve tried to eat at around the same time each day. This is mainly an effort to reduce sugar intake, and to focus more on meals rather than snacking. I try and follow a low carb diet which has worked for me and bloating. Another tip is to have a large bottle of water at your desk so you remember to stay hydrated! Again, aids with my bloating and also reduces mind fog. 

6. Daily Walk
I try and get out for a 30 minute walk to the park (sometimes a run if I’m feeling super energetic). A bit of fresh air does the world of good.

I’ll be writing more about my time at home in the coming months, so if you want anymore tips or even have some recommendations, my DM’s on Instagram are always open. You can also add a comment under this article. Have a great week!

Article in partnership with Samsung Home Appliances
Photography and creative direction by yours truly.

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