Wednesday 6 May 2020

Hand Creams

Now more than ever, our hands need a little more TLC. With extra hand washing and increased hand sanitiser usage, our poor hands are starting to feel more dry and deprived. I’ve always had a couple of hand creams I alter between. Some are more convenient for travel, others more permanent fixtures on the bathroom sink, and finally the hand cream on the bedside table.

Usually, I am travelling a fair bit on trains or planes (definitely not at the moment) but when that resumes, I like to carry a small tube which is under 100ml and easy to pop in my handbag. This is the grab and go cream! I also consider the scent for this type of cream. Calming scents such as lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot are great to calm nerves and anxiety making travel less stressful. Personal favourites are Byredo, By Terry Baume de Rose cream, and Le Labo.

Then you have the ‘aesthetic’ hand creams at the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The one pump to soften hands after washing them. Personal favourites are Aesop, Leif, and Grown Alchemist.

Finally, a super nourishing hand cream or balm which I slather on for night time. At the moment, I’m using the Susanne Kaufmann Hand Cream and the scent is divine. Exceptionally nourishing, this cream calms stressed skin with active ingredients made from mallow and witch hazel.

Photography and Creative Direction by Yours Truly

*Images photographed pre-lockdown

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