Sunday 17 August 2014

Paddington Reservoir

Fellow blogger, Andrea was telling me how We Are Handsome showcased their summer collection at Paddington Reservoir for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I was eager to check the place out and couldn’t figure out how I’ve not stumbled upon it before. The funny thing is, I’ve passed it multiple times, but because it is hidden from the street I’ve never actually explored it. So grateful I was introduced to this place. The bricks, water and wooden decking with winding stairwells were like a scene out of a movie. It’s crazy to think that walking a couple of metres to the top, your back into one of the busiest shopping districts in Sydney. But all the time you are down there it’s calm, secluded and oozes relaxed vibes.

The rain had finally passed and the sun just started to break through when shooting commenced. Today’s look is a mix of leather and crochet. As you know, I’m a big lover of contrasting materials. You may have seen this skirt in cream a few posts back, which I styled with an oversized sweatshirt. But today, I wanted to express a different mood with a little more sexiness. That’s the beauty of lace and crochet. It’s a versatile fabric that can be dressed up or down. Love the asymmetry of this top and the zip running up the front is so unique. When the weather is not quite warm enough, a trusty vest is always a winner and adds a touch of class to the look. Mules are my go to shoe this season and it’s cool there’s a good selection of open toe, cuban heeled and stiletto choices available.

It’s been a great weekend meeting new bloggers based in Sydney, and really enjoying meeting girls with the same passion for fashion writing. It makes blogging a lot more enjoyable. Hope everyone stayed dry this weekend. I am counting down the days until summer!

Shop The Look:

Skirt: Window Lane
Vest: Sportsgirl (similar here)

Photo credit to Andrea from Leather And Lattes Blog

Helen-Jayne x

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