Monday, 26 January 2015

Coogee Cool Tones

Last week, Andrea and I made the trip to Coogee to shoot a 2 part post. The one thing I love about this place is the difference in vibe it has in comparison to Bondi. I’ve lived in Bondi for nearly ten months and as much as I love it, there are times that it can become quite superficial. Not to mention how crowded the coastal path gets on weekends! It’s an amazing walk and understandable that it’s attracts the crowds. Coogee seems so much more low key. People aren’t as body conscious and it means that we can shoot on some awesome rocks way above the ocean without getting in peoples way. That’s what I loved about todays location: we didn’t have to rush. There’s something awesome about taking your time on something you are really passionate about. So many times I have hurried to get something done and always wished I spent those extra 5 minutes smoothing out the lines and checking it was up to standards.

For the last month, my camera screen has been broken. It must have been knocked between Paris and London in my carry on luggage. It’s so strange taking a picture and not checking it straight away. But it’s taught me one thing: to be way more aware of what I am seeing through the lens and to take my time. Remember the excitement of taking a disposable camera to be developed? It’s kind of the same feeling for me at the moment! Not knowing how the light is bouncing and whether the images are pin sharp. It’s made me a more confident photographer over this last month and fine tuned my skills of clicking that button. I have more bloggers to showcase on Boho Behind The Lens real soon, but until then, I have todays look to show you!

I think Cameo was one of the first brands I started following on Insta and It was one of the only Aussie brands I was familiar with when living in the UK. This season, they have mastered the pinstripe and gathered fabrics. This simple, yet flattering boob tube is not something I would usually wear, but teamed with wide legged trousers it seemed quite a good match. When wearing something baggy on the bottom, I always have to team with a more fitted option up top (and vice versa) and wide legged pants are still going strong this season. I must say, It was pretty difficult wearing this on such a scorching day! But thankfully the trousers move wonderfully with the sea air so unexpectedly worked well!

Hope all you Aussies had a great Australia Day, and everyone Northern Hemisphere is staying warm. If it helps, I am continually posting ocean shots on my Insta, so if you are missing the sunshine I hope my summer feed can help you get over your SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Have a great week!

Shop the look:

Top: Cameo
Trousers: The Fifth Label
Shoes: Jo Mercer
Bag: Primark (similar here)
Sunglasses: ROC Eyewear

Picture credit to Andrea Hetherington from Leather and lattes blog


Monday, 19 January 2015

Contrasting Ethereal Lace & Leather

Last week summer was definitely here in Sydney, and after my trip back to Europe at Christmas I am happy to be back in the sunshine capturing street style with the beautiful late afternoon golden sun beaming down. And this week I am channelling bohemian chic in ethereal lace and contrasting leather. I have visited Coogee a few times but have never really paid attention to the streets and buildings. It’s always a visit from the 2 hour coastal walk from Bondi, so always end up on the beach! Andrea and I headed to Coogee mid afternoon last Friday (with a cheeky stop at Sababba in the junction first). Fed and watered, we stumbled across this European looking street with blue accents on pillars and window sills. If you follow my Instagram, you will know how much I love blue and white so I was sold instantaneously! A fresh cut and colour by my super stylist Paul, we were ready to shoot!

Streetstyle is how Boho Tailor began, and it always reminds me of the the 4 major fashion weeks which all lovers of fashion look out for online. For me, the style on the streets is far more fascinating than on the runway. There’s a sense of individuality and creativeness with everyones inner stylist shining through. 

This lace maxi dress hugs in all the right places. I would never usually choose a piece like this, but as soon as I pulled out this old leather vest I knew it would look a little edgy, yet feminine all in the same breath. The intricate detailing is beautiful and I love the neckline. I am usually too short for maxi dresses but this one is the perfect length! How cute are these shoes?? Jo Mercer is a brand that I’ve been introduced to over the last few weeks. Styles range from high mules to dainty summer sandals. The white croc is clean and polished, and that silver heel makes them feel a little Cinderella-esque. Nothing wrong with that! A dainty white necklace was enough for this dress, complimented with a grey croc styled envelope clutch bag (which my best friend in the UK bought me for Christmas). When taking pics for my blog, I like to have a big selection of images to capture the environment and styling, and I must say, Andrea and I take heaps of shots so it’s always hard narrowing them down! This is one of my favourite posts since my all white look in Paris. Maybe this means that white is my colour?

Hope you all had a great weekend and let me know your thoughts on the new setup of the blog. Part 2 in Coogee will be up next week!

Shop the look:

Dress: Window Lane
Leather Vest (Old): Topshop (similar here)
Shoes: Jo Mercer
Bag: Primark UK (similar here)
Sunglasses: ROC Eyewear

Photo credit to Andrea Hetherington from Leather and Lattes blog.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

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