Sunday 15 November 2015

Those Tan Tones

When choosing my outfits, I tend to stick to the following colours: black, white, tan and grey. There’s something so effortless about styling these colours together, and if the slightest pop of colour sneaks in into my wardrobe I just can’t figure out how it’s going to work. I’ve had a monochrome wardrobe for nearly 2 years and wouldn’t want it any other way. It makes your mornings easier and less fussy, because all your pieces match. It’s win win! Tan has been the newest addition to my palette over the last 6 months and actually getting really into it. I am actually considering a neutral tone for my next designer handbag, instead of being swayed towards the safe, timeless black option. 

Todays look is very feminine with the full midi skirt paired with heels. I find it really difficult to wear a this length without heels, and honestly wish I wasn’t so conscious over looking swamped by a longer style skirt. I couldn’t resist these neutral toned lace up heels to add a bit of spice into the outfit. Although they have a heel, I think I will get so much wear out of these in the summer. Purely because of the block heel (which makes the shoes comfortable for walking) and monochrome hues, which guess what?? Match my whole wardrobe! Neck ties are still going strong in the accessories department and picked this one up in H&M for $5. The perfect addition to a ladylike look with tones that compliment the whole outfit. 

Shop the look:

Photo credit to Laurie Young from The Rue Collective Blog



  1. Gorgeous look babe~

  2. I'm about to swing for my first tan handbag too! I usually stick with black, but going neutral provides a lot of versatility without being too "harsh." Great outfit!
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