Monday, 29 February 2016

The Finer Details

Ever since stepping on the plane to Australia, dainty jewellery was my accessory of choice. When you are counting your luggage kg at check-in, the statement jewellery has to go! Believe it or not, I used to love chunky bangles and necklaces and could never see an outfit finished unless it had the one or both. In my uni days, a new outfit every weekend was a must! I always remember spending way more on the accessories, and accumulating boxes and boxes of brightly coloured costume pieces to match every detail of an outfit. Oh how things change! 10 years on, I am on a serious mission to downsize my wardrobe with only dainty jewellery catching my eye. You can add the finishing touches to most looks without looking like you have tried too hard.

Today’s pieces are from Emma & Roe. I opted for black as my base, knowing I will get so much wear out of this colour way to compliment my monochrome wardrobe. I also like that you can build each with minimal charms, so if I am feeling like a change it’s nice to have the option to take one off or add her and there. Day to day, my wardrobe is quite simple. A tee with a blazer are my usual go to pieces. The style at my office is quite relaxed, but it’s nice to add these new bits of jewellery to my workwear wardrobe without the “ooooo where are you off to tonight” kinda talk. Because as soon as that conversation strikes up, you know you are a little overdressed!

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Photo credit to my love, Chris 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Slow Paced Weekends

Weekends are for brunching. I honestly look forward to a sleep in and good plate of eggs on a Saturday morning, washed down with a good cup of tea. That’s how most of my weekends play out. It’s a time to relax, get creative and head to Surry Hills. It’s my one of my favourite areas for brunching, although McMahon’s point and Bondi come a close second! Although the weather is being freakishly hot this week, there was a short spell of Autumnal teasing a couple of weeks back. Sydney, just give me colder weather please? I have this conversation on a daily basis with my colleagues at work “I just want to wear a jumper”, "What do you think of this coat online?". They must be thinking deep down “Why did this Pomme move to Australia?” Yes, I moved with false hope believing I would step foot onto Ramsey Street, but now I am settled in Sydney I can actually see pockets of European feels to the city.

Today’s look I'd like to think as city chic. It’s the kind of outfit that’s nice enough for a work meeting, or for just catching up with friends on the weekend. I have opted for this Staple The Label off shoulder top which is quite different to other similar styles in my closet. I LOVE the extra fabric that drops loosely from the shoulders, with this piece feminising my masculine tailored look quite nicely.  My cigarette pants are the perfect mix of comfortable and smart. It’s also good to know that these  pants are a sustainable fashion item. With life being face paced and busy, it’s easy to drop into Zara or H&M to pick up that affordable fashion piece. As I learn more about slow fashion, it teaches me that buying from big chains isn’t always the most smart option. I’m not a complete convert into the slow movement just yet, but personally don’t own a huge wardrobe, so find it effortless to invest in higher quality pieces that will last. 

“Buy well, choose well, make it last” Vivienne Westwood

I’ll get a lot of wear out of these into the colder months with ankle boots and a nice chunky coat. For now, rolling them up does just the job paired with my Gucci loafers. 

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Photo credit to Laurie Young from The Rue Collective blog

Monday, 15 February 2016

Frayed Hemlines

Black denim with an oversized blazer. The statement pieces that should be in everyones closet. Whilst planning my Autumnal wardrobe I am challenging myself to “How many different ways can I style a blazer?” If you have read my previous posts, you’d know that in the last couple of months I have been building my blazer section to my wardrobe quite nicely. You can never have enough, and these are the reasons why:

1. They are the great contrast against denim. Business up top, party down low. You get the gist.

2. It’s not just for Autumn. Yes, I wore a blazer in 40 degree Perth heat this Christmas. It’s also a great piece to layer in Winter under a wool coat. I can’t wait for for this!

3. Instantly smartens up a look. If you are feeling like your outfit is a little casual for a certain occasion the blazer might be the answer.

Today’s post isn’t all about the blazer. It’s actually about my haul from LA last month and how I’m reassessing my need for denim in my wardrobe. Day to day, I like wearing jeans when I’m not in tailoring so why not share these looks with you! I have been on the hunt for frayed jeans for some time and being a Northern Hemisphere gal with a love for Zara, it only seemed right to raid the winter sale rail given these pieces will be coming to Australia full priced any day soon! That’s the best part of shopping overseas in sale time. Would you believe me if I told you I scored these jeans for just $12? You can’t even get brunch for that in Sydney so I was pretty chuffed! Styled with a good jean belt and a Calvin tee, this is the look I can rock for my Mon-Fri job. Still keeping smart with a good pair of loafers and the trusty jacket, it’s a good balance of casual and tailored. 

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Photo credit to Jiawa Liu from Beige Renegade Blog

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Grey's Okay

Black and white - my go to colours. I have always loved a contrasting palette and it generally means less of a headache choosing outfits in the mornings. I’m sure Coco Chanel delved into other muted tones to mix things up on the days she felt that black wasn’t going to cut it. The one thing I find hard in Sydney is wearing all black on a really hot day. I commend minimal folk who can master this art form. Unfortunately that kind of behaviour I can’t commit to, so you’ll find me hiding in the nearest air conditioned spot, with breathable fabrics and lighter tones. 

I need to invest in more grey staples. It’s very transeasonal, and although my instincts distinguish it as a winter tone, it surprisingly looks just as good in the warmer months. White or black accessories work well, with gold or silver jewellery making styling decisions hard. Culottes are a great alternative to full length pants this time of year and hands down, I’m a sucker for a wide leg. I rarely wear this style with flats, but Greek sandals were my go to. Especially with the heat cranking up for another scorcher of a week in Sydney. Where are you Autumn? Desperate for colder days, I’m just not used to summers longer than three weeks! 

Stripes - one of the very few patterns in my closet, but definitely not to be overlooked. I’m not really into belief that horizontal stripes are unflattering, and think if you taper a striped top in at the waist, it can actually be quite the contrary. I’ve also decided to style the shirt off the shoulder due to the heat, because lets face it; who actually enjoys wearing a button up collar in the middle of summer. It adds a touch of sexiness into a look that could be perceived quite corporate. Relaxed options are always welcomed. 

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Photo credit to Laurie Young from The Rue Collective blog

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Not So Tailored

Believe it or not, Chris and I really enjoy venturing to the beach on quiet weekends. It’s rare for me to talk about these kind of days over here on Boho Tailor, but figured I’ve been neglecting writing and photographing summer days this season which consist of the ferry to Manly, swims in the ocean and usually a nice lunch along the beach. We’ve actually discovered a new restaurant near the ferry, that consists of ribs, curly fries and a good old Aussie slaw. It’s also recently become my bargaining power to persuade Chris to take my snaps! Photography in exchange for a meat platter….no lie! But in all honesty he enjoys helping me out, and it’s nice to have a relationship where we can enjoy each others passions. Trust me, in a couple of months I’ll be a token Aussie footy girlfriend watching game after game of what seems to feel like egg chasing. All in the name of love!

Today’s adventure was actually in collaboration with UK brand, Swimwear 365. It was a fun few days taking over their Instagram showing fellow Brits how summer is done in Sydney. I know from first hand experience how cold and over winter one can get residing in the UK, and the least you crave is just a blue sky at this time of year. Everyone enjoys summer differently, and for us it's just a 20 minute Ferry ride over to one of our favourite beaches. Most of todays shot were captured on the path between Manly and Shelly Beach. The obsession for monochrome clearly runs into my swimwear collection, and for the first time I actually feel comfortable sharing with you guys a post with probably the least clothes ever. I am all about matching sets, but sometimes find the sizing quite hard being a little chest heavy with a smaller bottom half. All 3 sets in this post are perfect for my shape, and actually love the white option (the black and white images) as a refreshing change to my usual black options. It also looks great with a tan, and was surprisingly not see through after a dip in the warm ocean! A good neutral pattern is also a winner in my books, so this was my go to style with a white shirt for a smoothie on the way home!
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