Friday 3 February 2017

New Year, New Neutrals

It’s hard to believe that Christmas was only six weeks ago, exploring Rottnest Island in Perth and enjoying the WA weather. Where has the start of 2017 gone? Now we are into February, I have realised that January was a bit of a wash out and most definitely a rocky one. It’s been a tough few weeks, and decided to take some time off the start of the year to focus my energy into personal relationships. Sometimes with Style Structure and my full-time job I get overwhelmed and miss important things going on in my personal life. It’s important to have balance, and if things get too much it’s okay to prioritise and throw the towel in where need be. New found time meant I could focus on the important things which made me realise that my life shouldn't revolve around numbers, and how fast I am growing over on Instagram. So many times I put undue pressure to achieve more and more, but in doing this you forgo enjoying the process of creating inspiring work. Sometimes quality time with the ones you love has to win, and it's only having time away from my website I realise the importance of that. Burning the candles at both ends is not a good strategy. 

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Personal matters aside, January was one of the hottest months I have ever experienced in Sydney which made shooting city looks difficult. One of my fellow creative friends is currently residing in Paris. I must admit, her winter outfits are making me a little jealous. It’s strange, because this year I am embracing summer. But deep down winter is my fashion season.  This weekend, it cooled down a touch for me to wear a lightweight knit. That’s the beauty of thunderstorms!

If you follow me over on Instagram, you will know how much I am channeling warm earthy tones this season. It’s also a nice change to my usual monochrome looks, and looks great with a golden glow. Last week I headed to Los Angeles for work and was hoping to photograph this look. Time just slipped away, so took to the streets of Sydney for a sundown shoot on a quiet Sunday night.

A-Line skirts are always the most flattering for my shape, with the high waist doing wonders for me. Cropped knits work well, and I was drawn to the ribbing and multi beige tones on this top. I will probably wear this with a long white shirt underneath for the colder months. That’s the beauty of transeasonal pieces - They can be styled differently for the opposite season and means you can keep your wardrobe to a minimum if styles can be carried through season to season.

Hope you all had a great start to the year, and looking forward to seeing you more over here in the coming weeks. Have a great week!

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Photo credit to yours truly 


  1. I loved this post Helen! Great images (as always) and such an important message, especially when we spend so much time on social media. Oh and seriously jealous of your glossy hair!! Judith xx

  2. You beautiful lady. It is so vital to take that time and get out of the zone of all things digital. Don't get me started on Instagram. I swear since Trump got elected my engagement has more than halved. Often, I am thinking my photos are being blocked or something! But, alas, I have not changed up how much I engage with others, so I have to just roll with it and not get caught up too much with the numbers. I love your account, it is one of the best, I wish I had your eye.
    Oh and yes, Jiawa is totally killing me too! Haha, I so wish I were over there, but what is new? Paris is my favourite.

    xx Jenelle


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