Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Grey Hues In Watson’s Bay

Sunday morning was crisp and sunny which was the perfect setting for a winter’s shoot in Watson’s Bay. Weekend fashion shooting usually involves my collaborator Jo, so was feeling a little lost without her! She is lucky enough to be working in London and Paris these next few weeks. The show must go on in Sydney, so fellow blogger Andrea and I decided on an early morning meet up over coffee and style! We’ve been so eager to shoot here after my trip to The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel a few weeks back. The sun was just breaking through and the promenade was peaceful. Perfect.

Since being in Sydney, I have been introduced to so many cool brands. The skirt and coat I am wearing is August Street and actually discovered the brand on Instagram. It’s incredible how fashion is developing through social media and really connect with brands that have a clean aesthetic visually. Their winter range is stunning and love the oversized fit of this coat with splashes of grey. Braving the chilly morning like a true Brit, I opted for a crop top! Really wanted to bring out the grey notes in this look.

I can’t remember the last time I wore heels this high! I’m such a shorty it was actually refreshing having a little height for once! They definitely complimented the length of this skirt and It’s easy to forget that it’s actually winter here! Especially when I’m keeping my eyes open to the European summer trends (the warm weather is teasing me!) A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited for a makeover at The Makeup Store in Paddington. It was the first time I’ve actually had a make up tutorial! I was lucky enough to  take away some great tips that I was able to recreate for this shoot. As the look is quite minimal, I wanted to keep my face looking fresh and natural as it’s the type of look you can wear day or night. 

Bracelet: The Peach Box
Shoes: RMK Shoes

Helen-Jayne x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Big Knits

If you told me back in the UK that big knits are required in Sydney I would have laughed at you. These last couple of weeks my staple leather jacket is just not cutting it, and really struggling to keep warm in the evenings. Now I wish I had left luggage space for such an important item! But thankfully, this Bless’ed Are The Meek cardigan has come to the rescue and literally goes with my entire wardrobe. I love the intricate detailing and is the perfect piece for keeping warm and still looking stylish. 

It’s part two of our Bondi shoot with Jo, Andrea and Kelly. With the weather looking like it was going to pour down it was tricky finding a location that wasn’t too far from shelter. So, just outside my house seemed the best option! Some of the fencing on the houses on my street are really pretty and haven’t done an urban street style post in a while. Sometimes going back to basics feels right, and for today’s look we did just that.

With the cardigan being oversized and detailed I thought a simple crop top and tailored trousers would be the perfect fit as didn’t want to draw too much attention away from this staple item. I’ve never worn loose fitting trousers tucked into boots before but suprisingly it worked.

Loved shooting with the gang today and hope to go and visit Kelly in the central Coast to shoot up there in the future. Always on the look out for a new location!

Ring: Pushmataaha

Helen-Jayne x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bondi Stripes

I’ve been living in Bondi exactly eight weeks today! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and when I look at all the amazing people I have met on my journey it makes me grin like a Cheshire cat! So it felt right to host a breakfast at my place last Sunday for our collaborator Jo and Fellow bloggers Andrea from Leather And Lattes and Kelly from Piezloves. Continental muffins, croissants and fresh fruit were perfect to kick start our day and it was lovely to meet Kelly who had driven down from the Central Coast to meet us today. What a babe. 

A quick trip to the coastal path and the cameras were clicking. All week we were praying the rain would hold off and luckily enough it did! The past few weeks I’ve been working at Camilla and Marc which meant that I was lucky enough to have first dibs on this beautiful tailored black vest. I picked it up at the warehouse sale at a quarter of the price, and spent days wondering how to style it. Thought this Elliatt Blaze leather skirt had a beautiful cut to it and was a little more fitted than I usually wear! But loved how it worked well with the lines of the vest. I opted for this low cut Blesse’d Are The Meek tee that was so flattering and relaxed looking. 

Ankle boots are probably my favourite piece of footwear, but seeing as the location was slippery rocks at the ocean it would have clearly been a safety hazard! So these Urge Footwear oxfords were the perfect choice. The look was finished off with Pushmataaha jewels that really popped in colour reflecting the ocean. Absolutely adore turquoise jewellery. It was such a fun day, especially shooting with these girls. One more Bondi post to follow in the next few days!

Vest: Camilla and Marc
Skirt: Elliatt

Necklace and Ring: Pushmataaha

Helen-Jayne x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Industrial In Black

So I started this week retracing my steps to the doors of Sydney Fashion Week.......Carriageworks. It's one of my favourite locations in the city. Industrial lines, corrugated iron and rusty shutters. It was a completely different feel seven weeks ago when the streets were graced with models and fashionable ladies rushing to the next runway show. Today it was peaceful with the morning sun gracing us. It has been a while since shooting with Alisha so was really pleased to see her and catch up.

It was a little warmer than we anticipated, so if I'm honest it was quite uncomfortable shooting an Autumn look! Thankfully this beautiful cream trench coat is silk so it could have been worse! It's becoming more and more challenging to make my all black looks different as of late, but thankfully this Boohoo shirt came to the rescue. I love the asymmetric hemming and the style reminds me of a design Acne would produce. I think these shorts complimented the shirt well without taking too much attention from this relaxed style shirt.

I hope to be shooting at Carriageworks in the near future, so many cool corners and space that I have yet to discover.

Trench Coat: H&M Europe
Shirt: Boohoo.com
Shorts: Boohoo.com
Boots: Senso
Clutch Bag: Camilla And Marc

 Helen-Jayne x
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