Tuesday, 29 July 2014

City Texture Mix

When I first moved to Sydney I used to split my time between exploring the beaches and bumbling about the city streets. But now I am working full time I rarely get the time to venture into the bustling cosmopolitan hub. Last weekend I met Andrea for a quick coffee and cupcake in Martin Place. Andrea is lucky enough to be heading on a round the world trip for six weeks so we are spending most weekends catching up and squeezing in outfit shoots before the departure. Martin Place on a weekday reminds me a little of my time in NYC. Everyone is in a rush and focused on one thing.....making it to work on time. The weekend is a completely different vibe: a wide slab of concrete with not one person in sight. Contrast at it’s finest, and I’ve transferred that change in mixing textures for today’s look. Knit, leather and silk. 

I’ve never experienced a winter without a giant coat and scarf the length of a football field wrapped around my neck! It really is the mildest winter ever, so a jumper that subtly bares shoulders is no biggie for a Brit in Aus! There’s something sexy about showing off this part of the body. It’s classy, non offensive and still leaves a lot to the imagination. I will definitely be wearing more of this slung style in the summer months swapping knit for a lighter fabric. One thing I also love about this time of year is styling a lot of looks with a trusty leather jacket. It adds a relaxed feel to most looks, and if you’re like me you will make every effort to accessorize it into most looks. 

Andrea and I have been busy planning the next few looks channeling into spring. Lets hope the weather stays sunny so that we don’t freeze our butts off baring legs for our next outfit post!

Shop the look:

Jumper: Boohoo
Skirt: Keepsake The Label available from Glue Store 
Jacket: Guess (similar here)

Photo credit to Andrea from Leather and Lattes.

Helen-Jayne x

Monday, 21 July 2014

Poolside Comfy

The last few weeks have been a little crazy with starting a new job and finding time to keep my blog updated. For me, blogging is like having a second career and find myself spending the weekends photographing and planning what to style for the coming week. I’m lucky enough to work in fashion, so can squeeze in a cheeky flat lay at my job! When you’re passionate about something, you don’t mind spending time on it and to be honest blogging means I can catch up with my friend Andrea to talk fashion and hit up any new brunch places! It’s important to have down time too and love having a few hours on the weekend to chill out and do absolutely nothing! 

Andrea has a lovely pool at her apartment and although it’s not warm enough, it’s still nice to relax and catch up on what each other has been up to over a cup of tea and a couple of magazines. For me, beaches and pools are not seasonal. If you are dressed appropriately, they can be enjoyed in the winter months. This Country Road jumper is so warm you wouldn’t even think it’s winter. Obviously being a Brit open toe shoes are standard and work well with this look. They are relaxed, comfy and effortless. I think next weekend I want to try Bondi beach in a chunky knit, Messina Gelato in hand, and a cosy blanket watching the sun go down. Sounds like a plan! Would love suggestions on new places to check out in Sydney!

Shop the look:

Jumper: Country Road
Trousers: Camilla & Marc (similar here)

Photo credit to Andrea from Leather And Lattes

Helen-Jayne x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Chinatown Leg Show

Favourite cuisine: Chinese, 
visits to Sydney chinatown: One! 

I can’t believe this weekend was my first experience of chinatown! Why hasn’t this happened earlier?! Beautiful sunsets over the city buildings, tram lines and the best yum cha outside of China. It was great fun with Andrea and Jo nearly getting run over by public transport to get the perfect shots! Ever since my days of a dancer, I’ve been a perfectionist through and through. My wardrobe is categorized, the tables have to be white if I’m instagramming my dinner, and most of my blogposts have not a single person in the background! You probably think I live in a city without people! This weekend, I went out of my comfort zone and shot on a busy street which was one of my favourite locations yet, and has inspired me to do more like this.

It’s hard being in a new country not knowing of unusual places to shoot, but it seems the perfect time to have this metropolitan as my backdrop. Sydney has the best of both worlds: beautiful beaches and a city that’s bustling with culture. It also has a pretty sweet sunset, so have started making a conscious effort to snap in golden hour to give you a better idea of the beauty Sydney has to offer. 

Today’s look is a mix between the summer fashion currently happening in the UK and Australia’s poor effort at winter (I’m not complaining!) 16 degrees is classed as cold here, but being a true Brit, bare legs are still acceptable! Crisp white denim shorts, with a fuzzy jumper is contrast at it’s finest and really like mixing up the seasons to try and still stay on trend with Europe. Honestly, these shorts are pretty tiny so styled with a long jacket, otherwise I would have gotten some weird looks! Mules are a must have this season, and couldn’t resist buying them. The metallic block heel fitted in well with the tram tracks and burnished surroundings. I’m looking forward to future posts incorporating more cityscapes!

Shop The Look:

Jumper: Minkpink
Shorts: Vellea
Jacket: Camilla & Marc (Similar here)
Shoes: Zara

Photocredit to Andrea from Leather And Lattes

Helen-Jayne x

Monday, 7 July 2014

Surry Hills Stripes

There are so many cute hidden spots in Sydney and have yet to discover them all. Ever since making the move here, I’ve always had a soft spot for the dreamy houses in Paddington. But the suburb next door is just as cool and have been eager to try out the coffee shops for a few weeks. Our collaborator Jo has been away in Paris and London for the last few shoots so it was lovely catching up with her and Andrea this weekend over an AMAZING breakfast!

Black and white has dominated retail for the past two seasons, and it looks like it’s here to stay until the end of this year.  Ellery’s show at Sydney Fashion Week this April featured dramatic monochrome looks, which created a media frenzy due to the setting at Bondi Iceburgs and a breathtaking show. Dion Lee and Bec & Bridge also sported black and white stripes in relaxed suiting separates. 

Today’s dress is really versatile as it can be styled for winter with tights and boots. But as you’ve probably guessed, Sydney is having a pretty mild winter so bare legs were a lot easier to brave than a winter’s day in the UK! I wanted to make the look a little more edgy adding a leather jacket and my trusty Senso boots that I am slightly obsessed with. As it’s the weekend and a vibrant neighbourhood it was fun adding this Ace Of Something Fedora to Boho up the look a little. It was actually a little refreshing adding some pastel into my wardrobe which is new to me.

Dress: Minkpink (similar here)
Jacket: Zara (similar here)
Boots: Senso 

Helen-Jayne x
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